Welcome to Learn to Add

We’ll be putting up tons of information about how to learn how to add, best strategies, best practice methods, and best attitudes in the next few weeks.

The course will get you adding unbelievably huge numbers mentally, without pencil or paper, quicker than most people can punch the numbers into a calculator. You’ll have most problems done and checked before they can even find their calculators!

This goes for decimals, dollar amounts, fractions or percents, as well.

You’ll be able to estimate final answers before most people have even added the first few digits. And you’ll check the answers quickly and accurately without subtraction.

Of course, all of these methods will help you with grades, and at work. Even though they are not the “way we learned in school,” they will help you immensely with schoolwork and on standardized tests.

Best of all, Learn2Add.com will help you feel better about yourself and your relationship to math and learning in general.

This is not your grandpa’s math course.

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